The Kut - Demos & Rarities Collection CD-R

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Hearts on Fire |  Fun When You’re Winning |  Low Christmas |  Valentine |  Cherry Red |  Johnny Break My Heart |  Seccoya (Sick) |  Life Is Like A Cigarette |  Raise The Dead |  Brother |  Powder |  Don’t Want You |  Poisonest |  The Vision |  Eye Of The Storm |  Work’s Shit |  Sevens |  On My Own |  Grease (the emergency song) |  This Town |

The 'Demos & Rarities Collection' is now available on limited edition CD-R. Thank you to those of you who asked for this to be made available.  The CD contains a collection of 20 tracks, raw and largely in demo form. This was initially set in motion to raise funds for the release of 'Valley of Thorns', but it's been really inspiring getting it all together. I hope that some of the tracks will feature on a full length one day.  Newer acoustic tracks like 'Hearts On Fire' and 'Low Christmas' are alongside some of the more complete sounding ones like 'The Vision', 'Sevens' or new track 'Fun When You're Winning'. All of these songs have never made an official release, and would not do so in their raw form, so it's definitely not for the faint hearted who like all their music radio ready. It is however, material that I've been working on behind the scenes, and I'd love to know what you think. Thank you for all the lovely reactions so far also.  Just to note, the cover image above is just for illustration - I included it as a summary of the overall vibe.  The release was only intended as a limited edition download via Pledge, so the CD-R is just a blank one in a non-descript wallet with no cover art.  Like with the RAW EP, some of the tracks remind me a lot of my 2012 Unplugged Tour, or the Bedroom Sessions I used to record on YouTube.  I really hope that these can fall into the right hands, rather than the hands of the extortionists that re-sell our promos on eBay..  If you'd like to see more collections like this, I also shared 5 demos on my RAWII demos record on Patreon, a couple of which will be recorded for the next The Kut album ( ). See more about it in the store. Big love to you, and I really hope you like these rough demos, Maha xx