The Last Siren - Counter Faith CDR EP Digipack + Photo Bundle (Pre-Order)

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Pre-Order The Last Siren debut EP & hand signed 6x4 photo.  Limited to 100 copies! Available as a CDR Digipack. Out October 15th.

The latest contender from the South Coast music scene The Last Siren are the alt rock/metal project of touring musician Jayke Turl.

Bassist of The Smokin’ Prophets and guest guitarist at The Kut, Jayke is certainly no stranger to the UK touring & festival circuit.

This time, Jayke takes centre stage, bringing with him heavy vocals, riffs and a new twisted reality. Recently signed to Criminal Records, The Last Siren has now announced the forthcoming release of debut EP ‘Counter Faith’.

Slated for release Friday 15th October, the EP screams out with deliverance from the oppression of blind dogma. The lead off single ‘Fight’ parades intensity and melancholy in equal proportions, with radio play spanning from Kerrang! Radio, Amazing Radio UK, Amazing Radio USA to KALX, USA.

While ‘Crucify This’ took a further step into the deep dive. ‘The Cage’, out 27th August, sees The Last Siren break out of emotional storm, with influences ranging from Alice in Chains to Alice in Chains.

The ‘Counter Faith’ EP releases on 15th October on Criminal Records, and is a must have record for fans of Wednesday 13, Murderdolls, Backyard Babies and Black Veil Brides.

Listen to 'Fight'